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Primary School in Radostków


   Primary School in Radostków, ran by the headmistress Maria Radomska since 1st September 1999, is situated in the center of Mykanów commune. It is supervised by the Local Government of Mykanów and the Department of Education in Silesia.


   The beginning of our school dates back to 1918. Back then it was a one-class school. In 1927 it was placed in a building given by the Local Government of Mykanów. The building contained two classrooms and a gym. It was a four – class school at the time, with the total of 160 children from Radostków and Lubojenka.  

   In 1993 a new building has been given as a placement for our school and the old building was demolished in 1995.


   The present school is a two-storey building with six classrooms, a common-room, a library and an IT classroom, two kindergarten classes, a nurse’s room, teachers’ room, a headmistress’ office, toilets, a kitchen, a dining room, a storage, a locker room and a little gym. The playground around our school isn’t very big but it contains an undersized football pitch, a volleyball pitch and a playground for kindergarten children and children from classes “0” to “III”. This playground contains accessories such as: swings, seesaws, benches, climbers and a sandpit. Around the playground there is a fence, for children’s safety.


   This year (2012/2013) in our school there are sixty one students in classes “I” to “VI” and sixty six children in our newly opened kindergarten. There are twenty three teachers working in our school. The teachers not only teach their subjects, but also develop many of the children’s interests during after-classes activities, such as school theatre, sport club (practising table tennis, volleyball and football), choir, instrumental band, historical group and English group. The school prepares children for many contests and competitions, local as well as regional.


   Our school is a friendly place to be. We take care of our students, not only of their psychological and physical development, but also of their emotions. We’re doing our best to be one big happy family :-)



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